hi,  I’m 34 years old short dark blond hair with Hazel eyes.  I’m 6’1 weight 198 and am all about the gains.  Workout often and enjoy reading when I’m not creating.  I don’t have a studio so anything I make now is only to refine my craft. 

I’m a bit of a loner and really am not looking to make friends although friendliness is always welcome.  As an introvert I find it’s easier to meet one on one or in small groups to start.

This could be:

  • Just us meeting up at a coffee shop and looking at one of my art journals.
  • Email or social media correspondence.
  • An invite to go to an art exhibit or museum.

I don’t mind being in an audience and if I like the art all the better but not necessary.  Not all art should be liked but it has a right to be seen.

If you wish to comment about anything all I ask is you don’t insist upon discussing politics or religion.  Unless of course you are a scholar on anarchy or heathenism.
I make digital moving art, drawings, have performed a number of times and write fiction/poetry.

I’m not looking for approval or dismissal only a dialogue about art.  If you like to talk about art in any context besides how it moves you or made you feel however I’d welcome the discussion.  If you can’t stand anything about me please be polite and let me know.  I will do the same courtesy in regards.