Lost and alone until the life found me.
All of me, this life has encapsulated me.

A lost dream never imagined fruition now consuming me. 

All of me this dream has and it’s all I ever imagined.
All I ever dreamed is surrounding me, all of me.
A dream lost inside of me consumed me. 

Longing for something real to be. 

A dream found me.

I dare resist it’s consumption of me.

My dream became me. 

My dreams own me… 

Feeling naked of any evidence of reality I found life.

Life around me already exhausted getting though to me. 

It continued a steadfast gait only bringing me closer. 

This is a dream I never knew to be.
Long forgotten and realized in front of me.

My dream has all of me.
All I ever wanted is this life and this time.
It is to dream.


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