Anticipating the moment as before it was stolen.

Ask to be left with previously found difference. Paint over your refection as beauty departs once lost. Look forward dear masochist stay trapped in ideal. Beauty secured clouds welcomed a broken false love. Ran rampant until visions singularly within solitude are granted. Emptiness is a kind friend to remind you it still exist. Echoing above and around my presence out of reach to taunt you in weakness.

Wasted in wasteland not eternal for everyone.

Refections become as poison or untimely defeat. Patience granted wonder at cost of realization. Cursed to begin with. Never can anything be true. Rue as the fool pays disregard to failures accomplishments. Empty wishes brew bitterness yet still you believe. Welcome weightless as you float on the surface. This is the end of the waters as only the deranged can fly.

Emptiness becomes forgotten loneliness eventually.