So I guess I wondered what an “artist” was afterwards. Naturally I went to the artist trust website and saw their featured artist. I did enjoy every artist’s work one way or another. There was some romance and beauty and some just plain knock off blue chip. (is that a thing?) However, I saw a lot of ego followed by some really lovely faux finishes forced into a dialogue. Overall there was a lot to see but not much left to ponder. I did absolutely love the craftsmanship of a number of artworks.

The more I look at the community of artists here the more excited my own craft has become. I’m not saying anyone’s art is bad, I’m just saying mine is better. A nice realization to go with an embarrassingly predictable surprisingly egotistical rejection email. I just looked at their board and I wish it was a bit more diverse.

I guess I’m really concerned that if someone other than I received this email how would they react? I worry that on a bad day for the right person this could be fatal.

Dear Artist Trust, 

sit down

With Love,

yours truly