I often submit to artist calls when I can. Elated to share that Today I got the best feedback from Seattle’s very own art experts, Artist Trust. I maybe, knowingly, didn’t present as an artist and was far too informal. It was my first time submitting to them. Their reply:

I didn’t expect that Artist Trust would dismiss folks as artist tho.   Normal exchanges between organizations and applicants is generally polite. Something like “the blank blank has been awarded to another/other artist.” 

I could care less if my application wasn’t accepted. But, it’s the way their rejection email was formatted that kept me interested. Maybe it’s the new moon in Taurus sparking this curiosity?

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I guess I have been picturing canvases or Lil paint tubes with legs and arms talking. They would tell stories about ya know painterly things. Usually they’re like super happy and enjoying life.

Sadly, that tube of paint has a meticulously curled tail which is gaining in voracity. It’s bright exterior has been left dim and grows less relevant. Inevitably irrelevant, discarded, to be a piece of something that is bigger than anything on Earth. Bigger than that talking paint tube could dream.

So it’s just weird that not everyone enjoys talking materials as much as I. I was just reading about a gay artist who was also creating porn on the sly but it was very focused and he approached the topic as transgressive. It was the most boring thing to ever fall victim to but I read the entire article.

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Not so much writing online anymore. Been bottled up inside and then just entered a place where I was nobody. Nobody I knew or wanted to know and that went on until I got back from Berlin and found out my father passed away. I stopped dating and I drove back to Seattle from Orlando. I guess I cried but I don’t know if it was for the right reason? Life was just like this thing that me and everyone else gets to suffer. I guess by pretending that you’re happy it’s bearable. That’s the secret right?

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