photo by joe oppedisano

Dick Munson is an American artist living and working in Seattle WA.

He was raised by a single mom of three boys and they sang folk songs together. With some hair on their chins the boys were on their own so she could live her truth as a Lesbian. At an early age little Dick would sneak into afterschool programs to participate in various art groups. He was stripping in Tacoma by junior high to pay for school supplies and outfits. With a fresh razor he left home and moved to San Francisco. 

He found a local artist community where he was allowed to share his paintings in California. Being raised by drag queens and dykes constantly being persecuted for breathing piqued Dick’s interest in politics. Naturally he got in a van of political activists on a mission to change life for the better. Still unable to vote, he began cage dancing in Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas with the SugarTwist Club Kids. Quietly for decades he’s been creating visual poems or works in reflection of the world around him. Trading paintings and doing graphics for friends here and there until he decided to perform in blue femdom and homoerotic films. 

This brought the young artist to NYC where he spent 10 years in wonderland only to leave with Stockholm syndrome. He changed his name, moved back to Seattle and Berlin and back to Seattle always continuing to write his poetry of life in drawings.

…Welcome to Harlen Munsö